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OU after Baylor

Posted on: October 12, 2009 1:06 am
I must first say that I was glad to watch OU beat baylor with ease.... what I did not like to see was that I should of had Jimmy Stevens (place kicker) starting on this weeks fantasy team... what caused OU to have to settle for a field goal 4 times?.... was it the o-line's lack of ability to push people off the line?... was it the WR's that continue to drop easy passes?.... or maybe just maybe was it the RB's that like to "jog" through the split second holes made by the o-line?...

I will go ahead and answer my own issues with a simple fact... This was supposed to be a rebuilding year for OU's offense... I say "was" because Bradford came back along with Jermaine and the hype was on.... the o-line is brand new.... the WR "core" is brand new... and the RB's have no where to go...

Currently OU is 3-2 with losses to BYU and Miami.... I will take the Miami loss because they were obviously the better team that night... but the BYU game is a little bitter because I felt that OU was not prepared in any way shape or form for that game... yes I am saying that the play calling tightened WAY UP when Landry Jones came in for Bradford... yes I am saying the defense left too many holes in this wierd zone they do... and the team could not get passed their hiesman winner not being on the field (should have been a rebuilding year remember)... this was a chance to show that they were able to handle adversity and march on... but what happened... the best blocking tight end in the nation was moved to center.... the center was moved to tackle... the tackle was moved to the bench and OU knelt on the ball for 3 series.... in the mean time BYU trudged down the field on two sustained scoring drives while the OU offense did not complete a pass of more than 12 yards the entire second half.... I will explode if I see another screen pass or swing pass on 3rd and long! 

Ok... so like I said... I was glad to see the way the defense played against Baylor (who by the way has a great up and coming backup QB themselves) but the offense sputtered in the redzone and I can not fathom as to why.....
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